That’s my Question of the day. Why have I left the World of Facebook and dotcoms… own included?  The answer is a simple one; Frustration. I WILL warn you straight away that I’m not good at finding owners manuals and learning how to do this correctly so feel free to offer suggestions on how to make this work as I’m Clueless. 🙂  I simply know quite well that Facebook does absolutely NOTHING for me, I have the WORST Twitter Success Record of anyone on there and Tumblr is MUCH Smarter than I am.

I’m a 66 Year Old Bass Player who watched in amazement as the Music Scene tanked completely…..and Nobody did a thing about it. This caused me MASSIVE Amounts of Frustration. Had Musicians and Artists lost their Minds and all become Common street Urchins?  Beggars with Guitars?  Apparently Yes….they have.  Sad. 😦

As mentioned Earlier, I’m 66 and Single. My days of relationships are over and I’m kinda’ OK with that.

I also have a Burning Desire to get OUT of the United States and move to the South of France. Problem?  Funds….and Inspiration.  Without sounding as if I’m whining, cuz I’m not, the World According to Trump is not one I wish to be a part of….on ANY Level. ❤

So there ya have it. If there are Buttons that YOU’VE pushed and found them to be a Disaster, kindly let me know as I’m, quite possibly, about to push one of them…..cuz that’s what I do.

IMG_1083 2

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