Facebook is Failing.

I’ll be the First to Admit it unless someone Else wants to Join in and Help me…….What am I Admitting? I’m admitting that Facebook is really becoming a DRAG.  First we have Daily, Non-Stop Trump Battles.

Then we have Folks who pretend that NONE of that shit Matters and they Carry on as if Reality doesn’t Matter.

Drama is a Biggie…..as is Cruelty……and Politics/NRA

I may be overly sensitive at the Moment but a Couple  of Hours ago a Very Nice Woman, an artist in fact, posted two pics:  The first was a Selfie……clearly showing that she MAY possess two of the Finest Breasts ever Created. That post got HAMMERED by Hundreds of Guys saying the Rudest shit on Earth to her.  Some of the Comments proposed Marriage….a Proposal which their Current Wives wouldn’t have found Funny….I’m fairly certain of that.

Next she Posted two of her pieces of Art….. *Crickets*…Nothing.  Very Nice paintings.  Nothing.

I spent most of last night sitting right here deleting 4800 photos that I’ve taken over the past couple of years …… I couldn’t sleep cuz the Ringing in my Ears was at an all-time high. I’d just come from a Gig where the drummer plays so loud that I’ve come to the Conclusion that I simply can’t play with them anymore. The Good news?  I did get to delete 3756 of the pics. ❤  Reminders of Relationships Gone Baimages-9d, Hundreds of pics from Luthiers and Trump Memes all Gone.

Pics of Mother Nature, Beautiful Things and Basses Remain…..A Fresh Start. Am I frustrated?  I must be cuz these Words don’t sound like me……but I’ll be fine.  ❤

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