An Apple a Day…….

OK…..I HAVE to share this with You…..

Over the past few weeks my Apple Magic Mouse has been sick. At first I thought it was Cancer of the Mouse……It was eating Batteries like Donuts and Connecting and Disconnecting at Will. It also just didn’t feel right. Today it died.

I called Apple after checking where I was going to go get a replacement. The NEW Magic Mouse is $79……I was Sad.

They climbed into my Computer via the phone line and looked around…..”Hmmmm’ , Aghhhhh'” said the Tech. I was waiting for the “Death Certificate” for the Poor Mouse….but….

Interjection required here! I used to used NON-Apple products. 2 Dells died on me in rapid succession. I had a HP Laptop that I had nothing but problems with. 10 days after the Warranty Expired, so did the $1,000 Laptop.

Those are the Breaks” said HP….. “Eat Shit and Die”, said I. I bought my first Apple iMac 12 minutes later. Other Apple Products followed.

Happy Ending!!!

The Head Service Tech at Apple gets on the phone, introduces himself and says…… “Rich, I just looked at your Account. Your new Magic Mouse is going out the Door in about 8 minutes….you’ll have it tomorrow before noon”.

My Heart stopped beating for a second.

“How much will all this cost me? The $79 Mouse? The Overnight Shipping? The Service Charge?”

Ready? “It’s free…N/C …We’ve got you on This one….just toss the 4 year old Mouse….or Bury it”

I sat here…..Stunned. I’m STILL Stunned. $100 worth of Mouse and Shipping. No Charge. No Stress. No Acid Indigestion.

Apple Friggin’ Rocks!!!


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